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Why hello, please have a seat! Welcome to VS's tumblr! I like to post my drawings, discuss life, share stupid things from the internet, and try to do a little better each day!

I invite you to my Deviantart and my twitter account. To see only my drawings, check out my art tag! I also enjoy doing cosplay so feel free to check that out, too.
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Fantastic photographer Ian Travis Barnard kindly just sent us his shots of our PAX East Dragon Age 2 cosplay!  It was a pleasure meeting him, and very awesome of him to send these our way.  It feels like PAX was so long ago!  Time flies, man!  (Oh and I don’t have my face tattoos in the second picture because that photo was from day one before I had time to work them out!)

In the future cosplay realm, Manrill will be returning for PAX Prime and I’m considering also going as Cole (DA:Asunder) that weekend.  As an easier one I’m thinking a SHIELD research lab Bruce Banner for NYCC would be fun!

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